We welcome new members to the North Eastern. You will join a community that is warm, supportive and accepting. By becoming a member you will contribute to enhancing Jewish life and spirit for you and your family now and into the future.

These are some of the benefits of becoming a member:

  • Reductions on High Holyday seat costs.
  • No charge for use of the Centres hall and other spaces for personal religious occasions including bar/bat mitzvah, pre-wedding call up and Kiddush, family Kiddush, brit milah, upshern etc.
  • No charge for officiating rabbi at personal religious services, including bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, weddings, funerals and consecrations.

You will be invited to a vibrant program of events, including:

  • Weekly shiurim,
  • Regular interesting speakers,
  • Dinners and social events,
  • Womens circle
  • Interest groups, including Yiddish club, arts group and Hebrew conversation group
  • Festivals and High Holyday services.
    Our events for young people and families include
  • Hebrew school for primary school aged children
  • Playgroup
  • Bar and Bat mitzvah programs
  • Events for young people

We acknowledge and share your life events including Yartzeits, Simchas and condolences.

Join the North Eastern family and enjoy a refreshing social, cultural and spiritual experience. We create a space for you to express your Jewishness and contribute to a respectful and inclusive community.

Please contact the office on 9857 9000 or alternatively speak with the Rabbi on 0413 558 292 or the centre President on 0403 137 119. We are happy to answer any questions and talk further about membership details. The membership form can be found here.