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_40-kalman-eating-hotdog.JPGWhat Is Membership?
NEJC membership is a means through which you can help maintain the continual presence of the North Eastern Jewish Centre and contribute towards its future growth.

What Are Membership Benefits?
Being a member of the NEJC entitles you to:

- Significantly reduced seat costs for High Holiday services

- Special discounts for our many fun and engaging activities and events

- Free usage of the Centre’s large hall or multi purpose hall for most personal religious occasions including brit milah, upshern, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, pre wedding call up and kiddush, family kiddush etc.

- An officiating rabbi at no charge for all personal religious services including brit milah, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, Jewish weddings, funerals and consecrations.

- Up to date mail and/or email correspondence about all NEJC events including programs for all ages, shiurim, news, High Holiday and festival information etc.

- Yartzeit reminder and Mazel Tov letters

- Usage of the playgroup facilities at no charge

- Participation in all NEJC kids programs and activities at no charge

- Subscription for the Menorah community magazine at no charge

- Voting rights at all Annual General and Communal meetings

- Free Shemurah Matzah before Passover

Most importantly, being a member enables you to help maintain the only Jewish organization in the North Eastern suburbs.

How Do I Become a Member?
To become an NEJC member, either contact the office on (03) 9857 9000 during office hours, or download a Form and mail to:

North Eastern Jewish Centre
PO Box 102
Doncaster, 3108.