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Service Times

Kabbalat Shabbat starts at 6:15pm during winter months and 6:30pm during summer months.

Shacharit on Shabbat Mornings starts at 10:00am [except festivals and high holidays]

Shabbat afternoons - Mincha & Shalosh Seudos start 1 hour and 15 minutes before shabbat ends 

(Please note in the winter months Shabbat Mincha is often said after the Kiddush on Shabbat morning)

Weekday Services
Monday morning 6:45am
Thursday morning 6:45am followed by breakfast

Rosh Chodesh, Chol HaMoed and Fast days from 6:30am

A Note On Minyanim for Yartzeit
If you wish to have a minyan organized for a Yartzeit memorial, please contact the office during office hours (or contact the Rabbi after hours) a few days in advance. This will ensure that the sufficient number of men which are required to form a minyan is arranged.