Who we are

The North Eastern Jewish Center is a lively place of worship on a daily basis. Within our holy walls, many enthusiastically study and participate in a myriad of activities, thus comprising the rich tapestry of our congregation. The North Eastern Jewish Center prides itself in being a modern, orthodox Zionist Synagogue.

With a goal of ensuring continuity, education is key. In this vein, we host many shiurim and talks, frequently inviting notable guests to impart their wisdom at contemporary social events on a variety of thought provoking topics.

We welcome guests from all corners of the globe who seek to see our beautiful spiritual sanctuary and simultaneously share our unique experience. Our growth and love of Torah continues to spread as we nurture and care for every single valued member. We strive to ensure that each day there is a greater and deeper understanding of Jewish life, with a spotlight on the youth of our shul – undoubtedly the life and soul of every community.