Our Rabbi

Rabbi Menachem Sabbach

Rabbi Menachem Sabbach, originally from Melbourne earned a Diploma of Talmudical Studies from the Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand in 2004 and further advanced his Talmudic studies receiving his bachelor’s degree from the Central Rabbinical College of America. In 2009 he was granted Rabbinic ordination in a variety of areas of Halacha (Jewish law) by leading Ashkenazi and Sephardi Rabbis including Rabbi Z.N. Goldberg head of Jerusalem Beth Din.

Rabbi Sabbach paved his way into the Rabbinate, serving as Rabbi in the Sephardi congregation of Melbourne beginning in December 2011. During this period, he furthered his studies at the Melbourne Kollel, receiving a diploma in practical rabbinics and successfully completed his post graduate studies in Israel.

In 2015, he received the qualification of Dayan by Rabbi Z. N. Goldberg (Av Beth Din (Chairman) of the Jerusalem Beth Din), entitling him to sit as a judge on the bench of a Jewish Religious Court.
In addition to serving as our Rabbi, Rabbi Sabbach also serves as a Dayan (judge) on the Melbourne Beth Din and is a Kosher Administrator for Kosher Australia.

Rebbetzin Bassie Sabbach

Originally belonging to Manchester, England, Rebbetzin Bassie’s active involvement in outreach programs spread across several countries including Alaska, Colorado, Virgin Islands, England, and Australia. From organizing summer camps and teaching in Hebrew schools to running teen programs, Bassie has had an experience of working with children of all ages. No doubt, the fondness and respect that has been showered upon her by children and individuals alike over all these years is testimony to her affectionate personality.

Contribution of our Rabbi and Rebbetzin to our centre

Rabbi Sabbach was joined by his wife Rebbetzin Bassie and three beautiful sons Shneur, Eli, and Dovi, joining the North Eastern Jewish Centre in March 2018. With a sincere inclination for offering Jewish services and programming, the Sabbachs came together with a welcoming approach where one is made to feel truly at home. Since then, Rabbi Sabbach and Rebbetzin Bassie have been winning our hearts with their sincerity, dedication, devotion, and enthusiasm towards our congregation. They have been successful in appealing to the modern sensibilities of this generation, along with being true to the essential values of traditional Judaism.
They possess a natural passion to inspire and reach out to their fellow Jews. By working towards expanding Jewish outreach programs, they are paving the way for many more individuals to experience Judaism and its rich cultural traditions. They are working towards strengthening the essential Jewish identity with an innate passion and love for the State of Israel.

Together, they are striving to build and sustain a community where the needs and concerns of each individual are paid full attention to, with equal respect.

Right from guiding people in their religious observances, to helping them in any of their social matters, Rabbi Sabbach and Rebbetzin Bassie continue to serve our community with love, support and dedication.

The Sabbachs live in Doncaster with their 3 young children.