Rabbi Sabbach was joined by his wife Rebbetzin Bassie and three beautiful sons Shneur, Eli, and Dovi, joining the North Eastern Jewish Centre in March 2018.

With a sincere inclination for offering Jewish services and programming, the Sabbachs came together with a welcoming approach where one is made to feel truly at home. Since then, Rabbi Sabbach and Rebbetzin Bassie have been winning our hearts with their sincerity, dedication, devotion, and enthusiasm towards our congregation.

They have been successful in appealing to the modern sensibilities of this generation, along with being true to the essential values of traditional Judaism.

They possess a natural passion to inspire and reach out to their fellow Jews. By working towards expanding Jewish outreach programs, they are paving the way for many more individuals to experience Judaism and its rich cultural traditions. They are working towards strengthening the essential Jewish identity with an innate passion and love for the State of Israel.

Together, they are striving to build and sustain a community where the needs and concerns of each individual are paid full attention to, with equal respect.

Right from guiding people in their religious observances, to helping them in any of their social matters, Rabbi Sabbach and Rebbetzin Bassie continue to serve our community with love, support and dedication.

The Sabbachs live in Doncaster with their 3 young children.