Yiddish Club

The Yiddish club started several years ago.

A number of individuals meet religiously¬Ě every fortnight 10am for an hour or two to imbue themselves in the Mame Loshen, as well as enjoying amazing Jewish humour, poetry, anecdotes, newsworthy items, and telling their own stories over a piece of kuchen (cake) and a glessele (cup) tea.

However more importantly, this is an opportunity for a number of kindred spirits to keep alive Yiddishkeit, help maintain its rich culture, and offer a deep respect for European Jews long gone, but whose wonderful contributions enrich our lives to this day.

Please feel free to join, as understanding how to speak Yiddish is not a prerequisite. All that is needed is a love and respect for the contribution our boobas and zeidas made to keep Judaism alive, as best they knew.
Contact Eva Sommers the coordinator on 0409 198 468 or the office on 9857 9000